Second Love Letter

For the first man in my life..

How’s life daddy ?

I hope you always fine there, I’m here always try to be OK, so I can study hard in here.

Well, this is my first letter to you, isn’t it ?

Although it’s feel awkward for me to sent something like this to you,

I will try my best, dad.

Dad, I also wanna tell you someone. Actually, I want to tell this before, but I just have a chance now, okay dad ?


He is a man. He is handsome, he has a good taste in style, some people said, he look like Arabian, but I think no. Haha 🙂

But, his handsome also decrease every year, and his face always getting old each day.

He always sacrifice his self  to fulfill what his family needs. He always try to do the best.

He is an easy-going man, he has many friends, he is social people. He also good in humor.

He has a good talent as a leader. He can manage many people. He also good in lobby.

He also have many knowledge about general thing in this world, that’s good to talk about the latest issue in this world with him. He is clever, he has some great thoughts that I didn’t have.

He can make me think specific with something. He made me interest with something.

He made me motivated to do something.

He is generous to other, he likes to help other that need help.

He is patient man. He is not people who easy to getting angry, but once he angry, that’s terrified.

But sometimes, he can speak harshly, when I didn’t hear his advice.

He made me sad, when he told me not to go somewhere that I really want to go.

He made my heart is break, when he disagree with my opinion.

He made me feel annoyed, when he prohibited me to do something.

He make me cry, when he beat me, because I didn’t respect him.

So at least, he just do that because he always worry with me.

He always think about me. He just want to make me safe.

He don’t want to see the bad things happen to me.

So, that’s why dad, I tell about him to you.

How could I do, dad ?

I fall in love with him.

I always want to be in his side.

I want him always keep attention to me. I want him always watching me grow.

I want him to answer my calling. I want him to be happy because of me.

I want to see his  smile, and sculpt it in my heart. I want to see him laugh and save it in my heart.

I want him, dad.  One thing that I realized now dad, I can’t barely breath when he is not with me.

Finally, do you know who is him ?

You know it, I guess.

That I told you someone that you really know.

Because He Is You, Dad !

Absolutely you.


Dad, sorry for making you angry because of crazy things I used to do.

And all the pain I put you through, when the days I told you lies

Sorry for making you sad sometime ..

And sorry for always disturb your time ..

Thank you for everything you did love ..

Thank you for your kindness every time ..

Thank you for your sacrifice all of this time ..

Although someday, i will find my second man,

You still be the number one ..


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