First Love Letter

For the only one woman my life ..
How’s life mommy ?

I hope you always fine there, I’m in here always try to be OK, so I can study hard in here.

Well, this is my first letter to you, isn’t it ?

Although it’s feel awkward for me to sent something like this to you, I will try my best mom.

You know mom, I have someone that I wanna tell to you.

I want to make you know who is she, so keep reading, okay mom ?

She is woman. She is beautiful, while her beauty become decrease every year, and her face always getting old each day.

She is generous to other people. She giving way on something that will make something mess up. She also an honest woman.

She always work very hard every day. Sometimes, she feel bored to cook rice for her family, because she feel really tired.

She is often to sleep in early night, then at 3 am, she will wake up and do not sleep anymore.

She always do tahajud in latest night, before she start her another activity.

She is clever and diligent teacher, when she can’t to solve some question, she will try to find the solution in home.

She is cooking in early morning, because she is so tired in the afternoon.

She has good talent in cooking, everything that she make always become delicious cuisine.

She has good ability when doing housework. She is good as a housewife.

She like traveling, she really joy in riding.

She like planting the plant, she also like flowers.  She like nature, I guess.

She is not a feeling teller, she just hard to say what is in heart.

She also a fussy woman. She can speak all day long about my attitude that she didn’t like it.

She is easy to getting angry. Even sometimes, she couldn’t given by some joke, because she will think seriously with that joke.

She also speak harshly, when she is getting angry. Sometimes, it make other people’s heart is breaking.

Don’t you know mom ? She often make my sister and me is crying, that’s because of her words, What a hurting words !

But, mommy, there’s something weird in that, although she make my heart is break,I don’t want her heart is break. Although she make me sad, I don’t want to look her sad. Although, sometimes, she make me hate her, but it make me miss her even more. Although, she is really fussy to me, I will cry when she isn’t fussy to me, because it means she is not keep on eye with me anymore. Although she  make me annoyed when she give comment about clothes that I used, about my habit, my style and another small stuff in my self, I always like to hear that comment. Although she make me cry, I don’t want to see her cry, because when I see her cry, I feel that my heart is torn apart into many part, I feel that this world is flip over, I feel that I wanna kill  the people who make her cry. How could I do, mom ?

I always to be in her side, I’d like to put a smile in her face every day, my heart will be incomplete when she is not with me. Every time when I pray, I always ask ALLAH to keep her safely. If she is in trouble, I always ask ALLAH to put the trouble into my self, and let her to be happy. One thing that I realized  now mom, I can’t barely breath when she is not with me.

So, do you know who is her ?

Need some clue, mom ?

I think no, it has been clear ..

That i told you someone that you really know.

Because She Is You, Mom !

Absolutely you.


Mom, sorry for making you angry because of crazy things I used to do.

And all the pain I put you through, when the days I told you lies

Sorry for making you sad sometime ..

And sorry for always disturb your time ..

Thank you for everything you did love ..

Thank you for your kindness every time ..

Thank you for your sacrifice all of this time ..

You are number one for me and always be the number one ..


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