Narrative Text “Why do the Sun and The Moon live in the sky” ?

” Because Of You “

                Once upon a time, in a faraway land that located above the earth and under the sky, there was two best friends that always together everywhere, and every day. People call them The Sun and The Moon. Both of them were well-known as a great enchanter. The Moon was the teacher of Dark Magic Defending Spell of Hogwarts Magic of School and The Sun was a guardian of Karkakroff Magic of School. Both of them are also single, but very happy. Eventhough they still want to find their part of heart for spent their time life remaining.

One day, The Sun walk alone in front of a school, Beauxbatons Magic Art of School. That is the special school for girls. Actually, it seems like of horror school, we can see that from the gate of this school. The iron of that gate have been change, that was rusted out, it make pink color of this gate was not clear anymore. When we pass the gate, we will see the old building as the main area of this wide area. Big, Dark, and Old, that’s the first assume of us when see it.

The Sun walk near with the gate of that school, a lady also walk from the different direction of him. When they eyes meet, the sun feel something that he never feel it before. Suddenly, the gate that was rusted out before seems like changed to be an old art creature that made by Leonardo Da Vinci, he can see many flower grow up at the gate. The flower make the school became the school that always offering happiness for people there. The sun never stop  starring  while lady have go. He don’t know why, but after that, the sun always miss that lady.

Three days later, the moon want to go to market, moon  will buy chalk for the sun. Because the sun really like to write something with chalk in his blackboard. Finally, he find a store that he think will sell it. But when he enter that store, he find something weird there. That’s the empty store, there’s nothing that he can buy, when he still confused, he read some paper that patch on the wall. Paper said that “If you want to buy something, just say what you want  from one door “.

So the moon just do what the paper said.

“ One box of chalk, please !” the moon said

Quickly, the door open and give the chalk to moon, she is a beautiful lady with her blue eyes.

“ The price is 100 Dollar !” the lady said.

But the moon can’t answer, he just starring with that lady, he feel happy when see the lady, and can’t stop doing it.

“ Hey, you don’t want to buy this ? “ the lady repeated.

The Moon just silent.

“ Sir, sir ? Hello? What happen with you ? Is there something wrong ?

At the time, the moon get his consciousness back.

“ Err, yeah ? Oh, sorry, I mean yes, I want to buy this .. “

“ 100 Dollar, please .. “

“ Thank you ..” the moon said.

“ It doesn’t matter. “ The lady turn around.

“ Wa.. wait, what’s your name ? “

“ Alice .. “ The girl enter that door and disappear.

But, the moon still on silent time and can’t to do anything.

After accident in front of the girl school, The Sun just thinking about that lady, he can’t forget how beautiful she is. So, at that time, he went to that school again. Happily, he met that lady.

“ Hi, howdy ? “ said The Sun suddenly.

“ Fine, thanks, have I know you ? “ replied the lady.

“ Actually no .. “

“ Do you need something ? “

“ no … “

“ Sorry, but I have to go .. “ the lady seems in a hurry.

“ Err, sorry, can I know your name ? “

“ Alice .. “

The time had passed, the sun and the moon were crazy about their love. Until that time, they don’t know that the lady that they always think about it is the same lady. One day, The Sun want to introduce Alice to The Moon, the sun set a reservation in a restaurant and invited both of them.That day was coming. The Moon and The Sun had been waiting for a while, when the lady was coming.

“ She is already here, she is Alice, “ The Sun said toward the moon.

The moon was shocked. The girl also shocked, she don’t know that two boy that close to her now is have known each other.

“ No, It’s impossible, I can’t believe this. “ The moon was almost scream.

“ What happen here, did you know him, Alice ? “ The Sun seems confused.

“ Sorry .. but I did “ said Alice slowly.

The situation was changed to be  frighten. It seems like a bad thing will happen. These three people just sit and live in their silent. Each of them was buried in their mind. None of them want to say something, until the moon get up from his sit.

“ There’s no choice, we must FIGHT ! “ The Moon said hardly.

“ Hi, be patient, there’s another way to solve this “ The Sun persuade.

“ No, one of us have to disappear ! just one people will win this fight “ The moon said.

“ Are you sure? we are friend before, don’t you know what is the risk after this ? we will never meet again as a friend, and our friendship will broke now “ The Sun replied.

“ No, stop it, no one of you will disappear, I am the one that have to disappear .. “ said Alice.

“ No. That’s wrong. I Love You and that’s all the thing, we can solve this “ said The Sun softly.

“ Did you call it the solving ? you and her? So how about me? Don’t you know that I always crazy every night because of that girl ?“ The Moon said it loudly.

“ I know, but we can choose another choice to solve this problem ! Think about that .. “ The Sun said it, but before he finish his words ..

“ That’s your thinking, but I am not, Crucio!!!

The Moon raise up his wand and spell. Luckily, The Sun can defend his self.

Expelliarmus ! “ said The Sun.

Bombarda maxima ! “

            “ Petrificus Totalus ! “

Every people there were scream. The spell of these two people make the restaurant broke. There was a big hole on the wall. Every people run away from that place, they know that it will make a disaster, how not? The great enchanter fight with the great too, it will make a big problem also for that city, because of this fight influence all of activity at that city. When they still fighting, the news of this fight was arrive at  Ministry of magic. Finally, The Minister of Ministry of Magic, Albus Severus Potter hear that news. He and some people from Ministry want to stop that fight, they went to the location of that fight.

Finally, that fight was over. None of them was won. That fight just broke everything surrounding. Because of that fight, The Sun and The Moon got a punishment. They have to leave the earth and live in the sky. Forever.

When Alice hear that, she feel that her chest was so narrow, she just can’t breathing .Actually, one people that in her heart just The Sun. Actually, from the first time, the accident in front of the gate was made her feel some little thing, that we called Love.



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