Hortatory Exposition

Topic : Remedial give the bad effect for the students

In this time, as a student, we have responsible to study diligently. We should do that as a good student that can get a good result in the last of our study time. But, in process to reach the end of school age there will be problems that blocked our destiny. One of that problem is called remedial. When we finish our test, that’s not mean that we can’t stop thinking about that anymore, because when we finish doing the test, there will be a question in our mine ” Will I get remedial ? “ . Because the frequency of get remedial is never decrease, it will give the bad effect to the students.

Our job as a students is revealed in learning time at the class. Everything need evaluation, that’s also needed in learning process. We do our evaluation in every test that happen in the school, such as daily test, mid test and semester test.

Every test have two possibility, pass or not pass. When we can pass the test, it will be a good one, but when we can’t pass the test, it will be a trouble one.  We must get remedial, and it means that we have to re-study again. Actually, remedial make us will more understand  about  our matter in study, and based on a research in SMUK 5 BPK Penabur-Jakarta said that remedial make the final result of students increase than final result without remedial. Remedial or in curriculum called remedial teaching actually have a good purpose. Final result of each student is important to be a good one, but sometime we can’t pass the test, that’s why we must get remedial to increase our final result. So, actually remedial is something that will help students but issues that flow up now is remedial is a bad thing .

Perception of each student that remedial is bad thing flow up because it will make the students feel anxious when they have finish their test, why they think remedial is bad thing ? Because they think that remedial will add their responsibility as a student, because without remedial student’s responsibility is already full, for the example to make task, homework, to attend some meeting if they are organization people, to take a rest, to playing, to watch, even to wash their cloth. So, the first effect of remedial is it will make students become stress, and it is become worse when they often get remedial, because when they still not finish their responsibility, they have to change their schedule  for take remedial teaching or remedial test. This condition will make they feel burden. Students as young people that still have unstable emotion will really feel complicated. These  complicated feeling will start another failure  of their activity. Why I say like that, because when they feel complicated, they brain will stuck to think anything, and this condition will give the bad effect for their job. They cannot finish another job of theirs, their job as a student, their responsibility as learning people, and sometimes, the frequency of remedial seldom to be decrease, so remedial  will make it become worse. This is an irony one, when they gonna  repair and increase  their final result, they will stuck to finish another task that also needed for increase their final result.

Stress that also appear because of remedial will give another bad effect for the students. Why ? This scene happen when they finally feel afraid about remedial. This feeling appear when they stress about it, and after that they always think about their remedial, can I pass the remedial ? Can I do it? Or I got failed again ? Oh god, help me, that such sentence that always flow up inside their head. When they afraid about remedial, they have low concentration to do their test because always thinking about their result while they still finishing their test, and that’s not good for their test. It will give effect for their test, they will get unsatisfied result in their test  or maybe the worst one, they do not pass their test. Afraid make everything good become worst, everything ordinary become extraordinary, and also make everything  easy become difficult one, that’s why I said remedial give the bad effect for the students. Once more, it become worst when the frequency of remedial never decrease.

From these explanations, we can think that remedial is not always give the good effect for the students, but also the bad effect. Firstly, when students get remedial they will feel stress, when the frequency of remedial never decrease they will feel burden, complicated and stuck to do another thing. After that, they will feel afraid, and that’s all for the students, they will get the bad final result. The main problem in here is the frequency of remedial is seldom to be decrease, so some recommendation that I will give is related to this problem.  Related to the main problem, one solving that we can do is minimization the frequency for the students to get remedial, we cannot delete the policy for remedial teaching and remedial test, because it still have good effect for the students to repair their result, that’s way one thing that we can do is minimization it. Each teacher can give test with compatible one between the question in the test with how high of lesson that teacher have talk to the students. Teacher that always give the hard question in test, and after that, almost all of the students get remedial, that’s not happen just in one time, but many times, it will make the students not serious doing the test. Why ? because they will think ” there’s no need to study hard, because you will always fail in your test “.

And for the students, we may not to be afraid with the remedial, because actually remedial will help us to increase our final result. Only thing that we can do is always study hard for the test, and do not afraid anymore with remedial, because if you afraid with something, you will make something that you do now become fail.


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