Analytical Exposition

Plastic bags should be banned

Plastic bags is something that we always use it, for the example when you go to canteen, you use plastic bag to bring your food, you also find it when you buy something in store, either in the book store, department store or other place, so plastic bags are something that always overwhelming in our environment. But, because of some reason I agree if plastic bags should be banned, and use another bags like recycle-paper bags. Why i say like that? Read more ..

The first reason of mine is the plastic need 1000 years to loosely. When loose, the plastic particles will contaminate soil and water. If we burn up the plastics, even  it burned not perfect, it will produced dioxin gas. If it inhaled by human, it make us get disease include cancer, hepatitis, neuron broke, etc.

My second reason is plastic bags can cause a big disaster for us. That is flood. Plastic bags stuff up drainage and dike. The worst is when plastic bags broke paunch’s turbine. Approximated, nowadays, in every year 500 milion until 1 bilion plastic bags are use over the world. If this rubbish extended, these rubbish can cover the surface of the earth until 10 times. And each person over this universe use 170 plastic bags every year.

My third is there alternative for the bags, that is recycle-paper bag. Plastic is not biodegradable by any means. Statistic showed that plastic bags are recycled at rate of less that 10% while more than 50% of paper bags are recycled. But, that’s not happen in paper bags. Paper bags are made from matter that really easy to be recycled and can loose in short time. If we burn this paper, it will not produce toxic gas. Paper are produce from 1 wood that we know biodegradable thing, but plastic are not, they are made from petroleum, a product of oil. So that’s why, I really agree if we ban plastic bags for use in our daily life.


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