This is my experience about English Outdoor activities in Lake Maninjau, Bukittinggi. Actually, this program is for the student or member of English Club in SMP 5 Batusangkar, although I am student of SMP 5 Batusangkar, I am not the English Club member ! I just the former of the English Club, but luckily the leader of English Club give opportunity to me to follow the program.

We Went to the Lake Maninjau after receive rapport at 24 December 2009,At Friday and Saturday, 25-26 December 2009. Read more ..

I was on Homestay in Lake maninjau. At 07.00 I assemble in SMP 5 Batusangkar, in there I prepare the journey and write the letter as activity of the program. In the letter, I must write what your plan in there and your hope to follow the program. We went to the lake Maninjau with 5 car, that is the Krista car for the teacher, the Avanza car for the boy from eight class and girl from nine class, the Blue Carry future car for the girl from eight class, the Brown Carry future car for the girl from seven class and nine class, and the White Carry car for boys from seven class.

After that, I and my friend in eight grades get on to the Blue Carry Futura car. The driver of the car was Mr. Safri from SMA 3 Batusangkar and his Friend Mr. Agusnir from SMP 5 Batusangkar . On the car, sometimes my friend was sleep, prepare the English song competition or sing a song. To toward to the lake Maninjau, I used the way to the Padang panjang, so the road have many curve, make I feel queasy, but I try to restrained , to sleep, so that I was not vomit !!! It appears, for the second activities we went to the PUncak Lawang in Maninjau. My queasy was lost, but there was other problem, the road to the PUncak Lawang had landslide, so we must by way of other road, at the road there was many vehicles, moreover the road was ascending,  the car heavy, because there were 10 person, 8 were my friend and eight grade and 2 were my teacher, and I think the car was the old car. Alhamdulillah again, the car can to finished the problem.

At 09.30, I arrived in Puncak Lawang. With Mr. Ay, Mrs.lov and my group, we follow the first game, the word random game. There was 4 Group, the member of my group, the Group one, was me, Rara, Gany, Inka, Dino and Alexander. The game happened in parking place. In the game our group got defeat, the winner was group 2 and runner up was group 4, my group was sad, but We were said, “ We must be the winner in  other game “.

Because that was Friday, the gentlemen went to the Masjid to did sholat jum’at, while the ladies left the parking place and went to the vacation area, Subhanallah !!! The scenery was very beautiful, we can saw the lake, the hill, the house of people of there and many others, so we were take the photos. In a café I had eat with my best friend, Rara, Riri, Ayu and Ora.

The first me and my friend in the blue car, just take the photos, suddenly the weather change from the bright and sunny weather to the hazy weather, so we got the idea to make the short mystery film, the frightened film, the film tell,  there were seven ladies went to a forest, there was one of them saw a ghost, so they were run and run to get out from the forest,  because our acting not so good, the film be a funny  film, but me and my close friend feel very happy.

Next, after praying dzuhur, there was a game again, that was Paramida game. Step to played this game was one of group member, stand in front of all of you, she/he tell a description about something on a paper, and the other member, answer what something based on the description of her/his friend. In a game I got the defeat again, I think it happened because I got the difficult paper.

After that, we back to the car and continued our journey.

On the car, me and my friend from eight grade, compact  to sing many song, the example of the song was from letto, ungu, Sheila on 7 ( Yang terlewatkan ), Nidji ( Laskar Pelangi ), Project pop ( Bukan Superstar ) and many other. So I was not queasy, whereas we will pass by a legend of the road, Kelok 44. We were arrive at a place in kelok 32, in there the planning were English writing about your new experience as long as the first day of English Outdoor Activities, at the same time we were enjoy the scenery from above to the lake Maninjau, and did the message game, but it just plan, happened rain, so we changed the program to be ate the cake birthday, it brought by the member of the program and had birthday on December. The cake had cream, it was the delicious cake, but I just got the less cake, but Not at all.

Then, I continue the journey to the Buya Hamka’s  house, In there we can knew and saw the photo of him, the creature of him, example his tafsir, many books and other. Moral value of that was “ if you live in isolated place, your desire, if you try, Nothing it impossible “ , Let’s thing Buya Hamka lived in isolated place, but he can change his country, be a important figure in Indonesia.

After that, we were toward to our hotel.

In journey went to the jotel, Mr. Syafri get a idea to sing a song, the song was creature of him, the song was make funny, because the song was about Mr. Imarlis and Mr. Mukhlis’s forehead, the song will to sing by me and my friends  in Blue Carry Futura Car, then one of my friends got the idea to gave the named for us was THE BLUES, so THE BLUES training to sing the song when went to the Buya Hamka’s house and to the hotel, because the sing will performance in the night.

At 04.00, We arrive at Tropical Hotel, in Gasang, Maninjau, That was a simple hotel, but I feel comfort in there, this program was be held in second floor, first we assemble in there, Mr. Ay give the plan of the program. There were 10 Bedroom in second floor, That was Bedroom 1 and 2 for the Ladies teacher, Bedroom 3 for the boys of eight class, Bedroom 4, 5 and 6 for the boy of seven class, Bedroom 7 for the girls of seven class, Bedroom 8 and 9 for girls of eight  class Bedroom 10 for the girls of nine class, and First floor for men teacher.

I was on Bedroom 9 with Ayu, Ora and Rara, First we were praying Ashar together, but I and my friend in bedroom 9 was late, because we were very happy and always laugh, so the adzan voice was not heard and we be forced to praying in our narrow bedroom. After that, we were take a bath, the bathroom was on the bedroom so I can’t troubled to take a bath,  Ayu was first to take a bath, next Rara, me and the last was Ora, because We were slow to take a bath, Ora almost late to praying Magrib together. Next,  Mr. Ay and Mrs. Lov gave the time for us to prepare the English song competition, then we had dinner together.

Next, the competition was start, the first performance was group 2 with song from slank, the second performance was group 4 and use the guiter, the third performance was group 3, and the last performance was my group, we were sing a song with the title “ Believe “ from April Rose, The song was soundtrack from Barbie and the Diamond Castle, this song was from my idea, Alex and Gany used the guitar.

Then, continued the other game, that was “ Berpacu dalam Melodi “. Before that, Mr. Syafri as the creature of the game, ask to THE BLUES to start the performance, when the sing was beginning, immediately Ihsan and Mr. Imarlis laugh,  I can’t to restrained to also laugh, so the song was less than in training, but already to make all people laugh and happy, we were very happy too.

Then, Berpacu dalam Melodi was started, in this game was Mr. Ay gave the description about the song, Mr. Syafri played the melody of the song with guitar and we as the student  guess the song, there were nationalism song, pop song, new pop song or old pop song, and English song. Continue with guess the video clip, then guess the advertisement on TV, and the last Mr. Syafri did the Pantomim and we guess “ what is he doing and it interconnected with occupation ”.

After the game was finished, Mrs. Refdawati gave the announcement about the winner of English song competition, Mrs. Refdawati said the grade from each group, it appears Group one was be the winner, I and my friend from group one was very happy, we were said “ Last, we can be the winner “.

Next, Mrs. Lov gave announcement about the winner of Berpacu dalam Melodi, group 2 be the winner again, at the time I was jealous to them, so I think they were be the winner, because the member of them more from eight  class, while my group less had member from eight and nine class, my group had more member from seven class, they were still embarrassed, but I try to disappear the jealous and I can did that, in my mind it just the game, so nothing important to be jealous !!! O.K

This activities was finished at 23.00, so Mr. Ay gave the time until 24.00 to enjoy the scenery of the lake at the night, this hotel was near with the lake, from back veranda I can saw the lake at the night with near, the scenery was very beautiful, it was dark, but there were many lamps and a moon,  so on surface water of lake was flicker, we take many photos in there. Then, we back to each bedroom to nice sleep. But in bedroom me, Ayu, Rara and Ora was talking about each privacy, Mr. Ay, Mrs. Lov and other teacher again and again ask to us to sleep, but after teacher ask to me, we talk again and again, if me or my friend heard the teacher knock on the door of other bedroom, we stop our talk, but after that, we continued our discussion again. Finally, we were stop our discussion because we feel sleepy and had nice sleep.

We were wake up when adzan voice from Mr. Zulhermi was heard. We troubled to wake up because our  time to sleep was less. Next, we had breakfast with fried rice, Nyummmy……….. It was delicious !!. Then,  without take a bath, we change our costume from piyama to sport uniform, Yesssss… in the morning we will to Hiking.

Before  we went to hill, we must follow heating, we heating on side of the road, You know, I feel enough embarrassed, but Never mind. We went to the hill was near with our hotel, there were 2 people of there accompany us for indicated the way. When hiking, we pass by area covered with rocks, small river and water canal, Finally, we arrive in a small waterfall, Wow…. cool and beautiful, the water on the canal was from this waterfall, the water was cool and hygienist, in there we take a photos together, me and my friend was played under the waterfall, then we back to our hotel. Previously, I ever hiking on Bukik Batu Patah, it was near from my home, Pagaruyung. It appears this hiking on the hill at Maninjau, more easy than on Bukik Batu patah, oh yeah.. when back to hotel, my hand bitten with the leech, I know that when I saw the blood on my hand, this was the first time I bitten with leech, then Mrs. Lov gave tobacco to stop the blood.

In hotel, my friend and my teacher was swimming in the lake, me, Riri, Jessi, and Vira just still in hotel because we can’t to swim and we will not did that. We just saw and take the photos when they were swimming, although I just saw, but I was happy. After take a bath, we lunch together and then we left the hotel to Bung Hatta’s house in Bukittinggi.

I feel sad when left the lake maninjau, but I try to happy with sing a song on the blue car with my friend from THE BLUES.

Bung Hatta’s house was more complete than Buya Hamka’s house and have 2 floor, there were his family tree from his mother and his father, his bedroom when he still single, kitchen, bathroom, stable from his horse, bedroom when he born, and bedroom of his mother and his uncle. We take many photos again.

Next, we praying dzuhur in Masjid, then we back to the Bung Hatta’s house and he gave announcement, Yeah…. we can to shopping in Bukuitting as long as 1 hour, and at 15.00 we must assemble in Jam Gadang, Bukittinggi.  when lunch in the hotel, 2 person ate one rice, so still left rice, before shopping, THE BLUES was ate in kitchen of Bung Hatta’s house, We think one hours was not enough for shopping, because we must on time, THE BLUES was not shopping, we went to the Jam Gadang, before that,  THE BLUES buy ice cream in KFC, in Jam Gadang THE BLUES met with Mr. Syafri, with Mr. Syafri we back to the Blues Car.

Widia from the Blues back to the Maninjau again because her father went to there, and she want to follow her father, so when back to Batusangkar, THE BLUES less one member. At the same time wait other friends, THE BLUES take a photo in front of the Blues car.

Suddenly, there was a problem, my friend from nine class was not find her car, the car was near with the blues car, Mr. Asrul was angry to them, Mr. Ay seems anxious, Mr. Agusnir again and again back to Jam Gadang to looked for them, after Vira get the her handphone number, and call her, they were met with Vira and Mr. Syafri in front of BNI, because them may people was late to back to Batusangkar, so Mrs. Lov, Mr. Agusnir and Mr. Syafri was angry.

After that, we stop in SPBU at Baso to praying ashar, near with the Mushola there was a minimarket, so I buy snack for my family in Batusangkar, and THE BLUES buy Pop Mie, Mr. Syafri and Mr. Agusnir ate the Pop Mie in the minimarket, but the other member of THE BLUES ate the Pop Mie on the car when back to Batusangkar.

On the car, we ate the Pop Mie with laugh and laugh, we always laugh, because we were very happy, Suddenly, happened the disaster in Tanjung Alam, that was landslide, although the landslide was small, but people of there said the disaster happened a few minutes ago and there were 3 landslide in different place, First landslide was had cleaned by people of there the medium landslide than the other landslide, Second landslide was happened a few minutes ago and the big landslide than the first landslide, after that we read Asmaul Husna, because THE BLUES was afraid if happened again the other landslide, The third landslide was a small landslide than the other landslide, but Alhamdulillah, no one landslide happened again and THE BLUES saved arrive in SMP 5 Batusangkar . And a few minutes later my father came to picked up me.


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