English Speech

Hi guys, this is the example of speech that i made.

Tyrant and Global Warming

For the First, We must Know, What is the Tyrant !!!

Tyrant in language is ill treatment, and in techinal term, Tyrant is doing something and it make other people is loss. Tyrant can make Hostility in society, It cause the friendship is broken off.Read more ..

Ladies and Gentlemen…………

There are Three Tyrant :

1. Tyrant to AllAH S.W.T

The Definition of it, is every doing an action, It is bad and fault Follow our spiritual, Islam.

2. Tyrant to Your self

The Definition is We are doing something and it Harmful our self. Like lazy to study, use the drugs, doing the free sex, and For the ladies, She open her genitals. Actually, the example at above is not have useful.  Besides it forbidden in Islam, it is also forbidden at the politeness in East area, but now, there are many and many the young generation does it, The generation of our loved country, Indonesia.

3. Tyrant to other People

The definition is doing something and it harmful other people. Like to hurt other people, or destroy the creature of AllAH S.W.T, like Human, animals and plant.

The example  to destroy the creature is a disaster, the named is Global Warming.

Global Warming is one of tyrant, Global Warming is tyrannical treatment the environment of our world.

The causal factor of Global Warming is use the fuel ( BBF ) and move-move the land. The action is produce the dangerous gas, like carbon dioxide ( CO2 ), methane ( CH4 ), and Nitrous Oxidant ( N20 ), the effect of that gas is glass house effect. So, in the earth the temperature is more than outside the earth.

Ladies and Gentlemen…..

The effect of Global Warming are :

1. The temperature in the earth is increase about 3,506 C when enter to the future century as accumulation gas in atmosphere. The disaster of this problem is increase the surface water of sea, Change the pattern of wind,  increase the atmospherics hurricane, more the population and kind of organism cause a disease, changes the pattern of rain, and change the ecosystem in the world.

The proof of above are :

a. In Tibet, 1998, the temperature was not stable, the temperature was increase 250 C during 23 days.

b. In Siberia, East Europe, and North America, that area was hotter, than before Global Warming

c. In kairo, Egypt, Augustus 1998, the temperature was 410 C

d. At  Augustus 1998, Sydney, Australia, does the big rain.

e. In Indonesia, Mexico, Spaniel, be a long dry season, make millions of hectare forest was burn up, flood and harvest failure.

2. In an estimate, at 2050 millions of species will to extinction and the still life species get the not comfort habitat, or do the migration to get the good place to survival.

The proof of above is :

a. Research in California, inform the Edith Checkerspot Butterfly was lost because the temperature of them habitat was more and more.

b. The Adeline Penguin population in Antarctica less about 33 % during 25 years, because the surface ice is less.

c. Scientist from Canada, report total of Peary North pole deer is descend,   from 24.000 in 1961 be 1000 in 1997, So, How about now, 12 years future 1997 ??? Maybe the total it just 10 ??? That’s very bad……

3. Appear the disease in a place, the place before Global Warming is free from the disease. Like In Andes Columbia-America mountain range with the high  from surface water of sea is about 1.000-2.195 meters, In there  is find the mosquito, It cause malaria disease, and fever. Whereas, the disease is impossible happened in there.

4. The other disaster is damaged thousands of hectares of agriculture land and mangrove tree.

If the surface of water of sea increase one meters, millions of people must removed by condemnation from them city or village in the coast. Produced agriculture land will be damaged. It cause food stock is descend and happened the hunger of society.

Ladies and Gentlemen…….

If you all, will at the above not happen, you must search the solution of the problem.

O.K I give you the solution !!!

1. Descend used the vehicles motorized. Why not ??? You can walking !!! It make healthy, It’s good for your body.

2. Carry out the Planting

3. No smoking !!

4. Throw the rubbish to the trash bin

5. Descend use the plastic, tissue, and paper.

6. And support the actions or campaign about Climate Change Effect.

And if you have doing something and it more the Global Warming, you must aware and don’t repeat again your fault !!

I think, there is one key to finished Global Warming, It is be responsible. The meaning of responsible is doing something with commitment, can carry on the risk of our action. Human is creature and have message to be a Khalifah in the world, human have potency to be the Khalifah or leader, that is desire, mind and Hidayah from AllAh S.W.T, with the potency, Human is freedom to be the good human or the bad human.

For the example: Please in your imagine, you are agent of illegal Logging, you felled tree. One day, you aware your action, So you planting the tree Now!!!

We are the young generation of Indonesia,

I ask my self and All of you to stop Climate Change and Global Warming !!!

We can do it!!

We will do it !


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